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Kamal and Uttam Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

April this year this couple got married at Chandigarh. I was contacted by Kamal Preet in January this year, who is a punjabi girl settled in Australia, working in the HR department of a company. When I got a call from her I was traveling in the Himalayas for my landscape photography. She wanted me to be her wedding photographer. We discussed the entire thing on whatsapp. She came to India in March and we met at my place over lunch. Uttampreet, her fiancé who was working as an engineer in U.A.E. was to came a few days later. I had a preliminary round of discussion with Kamal as to how I shall go about photographing her wedding. We agree to meet once more at my place when Uttam arrives. So a few days later we were again together and we finally decided for a pre wedding shoot. Kamal wanted to wear Punjabi suit for the first session so I suggested Uttam to wear a bandgala and salwar with punjabi jutti. Befor the shoot i scouted for the locations and drove around hundred kilometers for it and finally decided to shoot them in a village and an archeological site near Rajpura Punjab. This was an ancient sarai of Sher Shah Suri. For the other sessions I decided other locations in side the city. It was a lot of fun doing the shoot with this couple. Here are their picture in random order.


IMG_8638 IMG_8624 IMG_8618 IMG_8612 IMG_8607 IMG_8605 IMG_8586 IMG_8578 IMG_8574 IMG_8553 IMG_8536 IMG_8526 IMG_7664 IMG_7647 IMG_7646 IMG_7642 IMG_7637 IMG_7634 IMG_7623 IMG_7612 IMG_7604 IMG_7601 IMG_7584 IMG_7569 IMG_7565 IMG_7564 IMG_7534 IMG_7529 IMG_7502 IMG_7495 IMG_7487 IMG_7483 IMG_7462 IMG_7433 IMG_7417 IMG_7382 IMG_7346

Will post their engagement & wedding Pictures soon.


image image image image

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