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Kamal+Uttam Engagement

The day both got engaged was 5th of April this year in Chandigarh at Hotel Altius. It was a small function in a relatively small hall with a gathering of about 100-125 people. The problem was  that there were about four still photographers and three videographers and a few helpers from the boys side. All were carrying entry level DSLRs with kit lenses and they were surrounding the area where the action was happening. I always work with two pro cameras one with 24-105 lens and other with 70 -200 f2.8 lens. it was quite a job excluding the camera persons from the frames because there was a flood of them. I could not understand the need for so many photographers covering a small event. Whether this was to impress the client and the gathering or was it to be sure of getting at least a few acceptable shots from each one. Later I tried to get to bottom the of truth and came to know that three of them were novices and were hired by the   “contractor photographer” for  peanuts and even lure of good food. I had a hard time all through this wedding dealing with this gang. I think I should do a separate post  on this. More of kamal and Uttam to follow.

IMG_8262 IMG_9481 IMG_8451 IMG_8485 IMG_8433 IMG_8517 IMG_8127 IMG_8436 IMG_8136 IMG_8439 IMG_8350 IMG_8460 IMG_8479 IMG_8467 IMG_8202 IMG_8488 IMG_8492 IMG_9579 IMG_9576 IMG_8383 IMG_8661 IMG_8152 IMG_8584 IMG_9559 IMG_8545 IMG_8372 IMG_8519 IMG_8505 IMG_8368 IMG_8340 IMG_8338 IMG_9561 IMG_8335 IMG_9684

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