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Client Letters

I’m Rami, the girl in the photos. I wanted to say a few things about Pradeep. Simply put, he exceeded all expectations as a photographer and at the end of our time together, we felt very honored that he accepted to work with us. He is a true professional and gentleman in every sense.

Matt and I are from the U.S. and; initially, we were concerned about any sort of communication barriers and ensuring that the photographer understood the idea of the shoot. Pradeep is highly intelligent and we were able to communicate via phone and e-mail with ease. He makes himself available and is prompt with his response. I was born in India and it was very important for me to capture the beauty and allure of the country – I wanted it to seem as though Matt and I lived this kind of exotic and relaxing life in India every day. Pradeep executed the vision brilliantly – he decided on the locations based on my outfits, he chose wonderful angles and played with lighting and perspective to achieve the desired shot. We are not the most comfortable in front of a camera, but the end of the day, we were all joking and having a great time. He’s quite funny and charming which made us very comfortable with him.

Pre-shoot and post-shoot experiences were ideal. Before the day of the shoot, Pradeep met with Matt and me to get an idea of our outfits and brainstorm ideas. A few days after the shoot, we met with Pradeep and we went over every shot and discussed which ones we liked. His airbrushing skills (the photos posted on his website are not airbrushed) are phenomenal! He did not go overboard with special effects – he has the experience and knowledge to understand that less is more when it comes to airbrushing and all of the photos he airbrushed were magnificent.

Pradeep is an amazing photographer and a wonderful person to work with. If you are looking to take your photos to the next level, I would highly suggest reaching out to him – you will not be disappointed. Matt and I are so happy that he captured our love for one another in a wonder setting and we are so happy to have him be part of our story. We look at the photos with great fondness and the amazing experience we had was all because of Pradeep Mahajan.


Ruchika and Monish


We couldn’t have been more happier with our decision in hiring Pradeep as our photographer for our wedding. His way of capturing moments can be clearly seen in his pictures. His perception towards any shoot stands way apart and beyond any other photographers imagination. I highly recommend hiring Pradeep for any prestigious occasion and if needed, I would hire him again without any second thoughts.

Sincere thanks for such amazing pictures..
Monish & Ruchika…!

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