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Pricing & FAQs


What is your professional fee?

* See at the bottom of the page

What are the terms of payment?

A booking amount equivalent to 50% of the total fee is due to reserve your date. 50% of your balance is due 30 days before the event and the final amount due one week before the wedding. If booking is done under 30 days before the wedding the entire amount is due at the time of signing.

There are photographers who charge less than you.
 Why don’t you match them in pricing?

There are photographers who charge much more than what I charge. A wise man once said “when you pay peanuts you get monkeys”, and another wise man  said “Photography is not commodity”

I don’t deal in commodities, I am an artist and every artist has his/her own price. I have no competition with photographers who charge less, for they know best what their talent and services is worth. Any body holding a camera is not a “Photographer and I am sure you would not want any button presser for your most precious day.

The experience of staying in five star hotel and a budget hotel can not be equated. Driving a Maruti is not like driving a Merc. I take pride in myself for being able to give you superlative service and best quality art work. I believe in value for money and you have my guarantee that the final images will be far above your expectations.

What is included/excluded in the price?

My wedding photography service always include the following:

1. Still Photography service for 8-10 hours on the wedding day.

2. Post capture processing such as color correction, white balance, contrast and other optimizations of the raw image in high resolution and conversion of digital files in usable/printable format, as well as low resolution files for emailing and for uploading to social networking sites, burned on DVD. .  An average set will range from 500 images for a small wedding to approximately 2500 for a large wedding.

3.You will be given “Usage rights” to your images which means that you can do practically anything you want with them as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you give them to.

The charges are exclusive of travelling and accommodation (for out stations ) and other services.

Can you offer a complete package?

Normally I don’t but can be worked out.

How long will it take you to deliver my pictures?

Any thing between 2-5 weeks depending upon my schedule. But all out effort will be made so that your pictures are delivered to you as early as possible.

Which cameras do you use?

There is a very old adage that says “it’s not the camera which makes the picture, but it’s the person behind the camera who does”. Legendry photographer Irving Penn was once commented upon by famous author Hemingway, who said and I quote,” Good pictures, what camera do you use?” Penn said, “ You write well, which typewriter do you use?” The creativity of an artist is not the slave of his tools but his mastery over his craft. A great camera in slouchy  hands will not produce good pictures but an ordinary camera in a masterful hands can produce great looking pictures.

I use the latest and professional standard cameras (full frame) and lenses (fast) and other equipment that I need to create those magical pictures for which you hire me. So it is better to leave that worry to me.

Do you make albums too? Can you quote for this?

Being a commercial photographer and being involved in other projects for various clients, I chose to work with a financial model that enables me to do justice to what I do, and keep my clients happy and focus on what I do best which is photography. While I do not include an album as a part of my regular packages but I will be more than happy to design for you  a truly stunning one should you want it. My custom designed wedding albums are produced to the highest standard in the industry. Each album is hand made and printed on fine quality archival paper that is guaranteed to last many many years. The album comes in a custom album box in the form of amazing keepsake to hold your wedding images for generations to come. This service is optional. Please let me know and I will be happy to send you more information.

Do you also shoot Videos?

I am an independent documentary wedding photographer and I suggest you to avail the best of my faculty for that only. Should you require and ask me, then I can suggest/ arrange a video team.

Please feel free to contact should you want more info, I will gladly answer. You can find more helpful tips here

 * My professional fee for wedding photography starts at $1000 (approx.Rs. 60, 000) for a day (8-10 hours) of shoot. If hiring for consecutive days then each subsequent day would be discounted by 10 %

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