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Things to consider while hiring a wedding photographer


Few things you must consider while hiring a wedding photographer

Your wedding day is fast approaching and there are a lot of things, which have not been touched upon yet, and you are overwhelmed with the list of pending things. Somewhere on this list is wedding photographer. “Oh that’s easy, I will fix this in a moment and get rid of one item from this list”. Hang on, before you proceed in getting rid of this “item” from the pending list, take a look at what you must consider before hiring a photographer for your Big day.


When assigning a photographer for your wedding, you should never be skimpy about the price. Having said that, I don’t mean that you should spend loads and loads of money, but you should also be wary about the, so called “packages”. The reason being that when you deal in packages (all inclusive; stills, videos, albums etc.etc.), you don’t get best of anything. Generally the concept of package has been developed by the studio guys, the ones who run “photography business”. Their business model revolves around maximizing profits, and when it comes to that, the quality takes a back seat. There is a very old saying which goes like this, “ Quality comes at a price” and I am sure you would not like any mediocre stuff for your most precious day.

You have hired the best of designers for your wedding dress, you have selected finest pieces of jewelry, you have hired the best makeup artist of the town, you have arranged the most exotic venues and got it decorated with the choicest of orchids imported from Thailand, you have arranged the most sumptuous menu for your guests but, all this comes to a naught if your choice of wedding photographer is compromised. The only thing that is going to remain with you for your entire life, are the pictures!


Another important aspect is the personality of the photographer. Why? You may ask. Shouldn’t the talent of the photographer be the most important aspect? Well a big YES but it is equally important that you get along well with the photographer because you are going to be with this fellow for quite some time and if you are not comfortable with your photographer that is always going to reflect in your photographs. Should you want to work with some one who is going to forcibly take you out of your comfort zone and make you feel awkward all day? So getting to know your photographer well, is the key and I can guarantee you that you may never know till the last moment who the photographer is going to be in case you have availed the services of the photography business house.  You have to hire some one who loves what he does and want you to love what he does. You want some one who is not burnt out on doing weddings, some one who is passionate about his craft and is not just trying to make both ends meet. Should you be in a mood for charity, keep that for some other time and not your wedding.

And not to forget another important thing; always sign a contract for this will make you more secure.  All the things between you and the photographer have been  agreed upon should be written down in the form of a contract, like what are you going to get from the photographer, the agreed sum, final out put,number of days of work, what are the ceremonies etc. etc.

Please don’t forget to remind your self to enjoy the most important day of your life! It passes by very fast if you don’t stop to take it all in. Good luck.



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