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Wedding photography, an important consideration

What should be the most important consideration when choosing a photographer for the most important event of your life? This indeed is one of the most important decisions you have to take as you start planning your wedding as no matter who your wedding planner is, who is designing your wedding dress, how royal your wedding venues are going to look, and how lavish the party is going to be, the only thing that will stay with you to show to your coming generations are the photographs, so this area should be least compromised.

Wedding photojournalism and how it makes things exciting?

The first thing for you to decide while considering a photographer for your wedding should be his style of photography. Basically a choice between two very different styles, the traditional (the posed stuff) and the contemporary (more natural more real looking pictures) with candid shots in which the subject may not even be aware that he or she is being photographed.

A lot of people who approach me for wedding are either not happy with their earlier encounters with “wedding photographers” in their family or they have seen the pictures of their friends and relatives and didn’t quite like them.

Wedding Photojournalism in essence is documenting the wedding as it happened. The whole idea of wedding photojournalism is to tell story through pictures. The photographer instead of stopping the flow of the wedding every now and then in order to take or more aptly “manufacture” pictures (traditional wedding photography), rather let the pictures happen naturally and spontaneously without directing the subjects on what to do. The approach is to go with the flow and weave a story with images. In photojournalistic style of wedding photography, the photographer does not or very minimally interact with the subject. He will not ask you or your guests to look in to the camera and say “cheese”! Instead wedding photojournalist would be constantly observing the proceedings and be always ready to capture those candid expressions which makes the picture all the more endearing.

Wedding photojournalism is not easy. It takes a great deal on the part of the photographer to be alert throughout and constantly working physically and mentally, finding the angles, working the light, composing the frames, getting the exposure right, and capturing the moment just at the right instance. All this comes with years of training and experience, in depth knowledge of the subject and mastery over the craft and command over the tools

The difference in both the styles is too stark. While with traditional photography the resultant pictures are stereotyped. If you look at the pictures of different weddings, you will find similar type of shots with different faces in every wedding and in certain situations look very funny. There is hardly any uniqueness. Whereas in contemporary style, each wedding is photographed differently with a unique approach. The images are not made on an assembly line. The images are vibrant, much more pleasing, natural looking, and tells a story and that’s the way it should be.

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